Meet the team

Stefan Heitmann

Stefan Heitmann Chairman & Founder

Markus Stadler

Markus Stadler Co-Founder & COO

Olivier Bachem

Olivier Bachem Co-Founder

Julien Schillewaert

Julien Schillewaert CEO

Our story began end of 2015 when we set out to pursue our passion for turning huge data sets into accessible and lucid insights to help you successfully navigate the real estate market. Combined, we draw from deep experience in data, machine learning, real estate and in turning startups into sturdy companies. We are headquartered in Zurich, the fast growing tech hub with the real mountain view, and have an office in Paris’ bustling and futurist Station F, surrounded by hundreds of startups. Our ambition is international and we are privileged to be supported by world-class investors. We like a good challenge, little bureaucracy and the eventual BBQ in our backyard. Join us!

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