Meet the team

Dr. Stefan Heitmann

Dr. Stefan Heitmann Founder & Chairman

Markus Stadler

Markus Stadler Co-Founder & CEO

Olivier Bachem

Olivier Bachem Co-Founder & Machine Learning Specialist

Patrick Pletscher

Patrick Pletscher Chief Analytics Officer

Loeiz Bourdic

Loeiz Bourdic Head of AM solutions

Dominic Lüdin

Dominic Lüdin Chief Commercial Officer

Mario Ubeda Garcia

Mario Ubeda Garcia Chief Technology Officer

Frank Butz

Frank Butz Head of Communication and Marketing

Christian Crain

Christian Crain Managing Director

Lucie Perez

Lucie Perez Talent Manager

Alexis Radjabi

Alexis Radjabi VP Business Development - France & UK

Sven Gakstatter

Sven Gakstatter Account Executive

Diego Ardila

Diego Ardila Senior Data Scientist

Alina Cvetkova

Alina Cvetkova UX Design Lead

Dmitry Nikolaienko

Dmitry Nikolaienko Web designer

Pavel Shlykov

Pavel Shlykov Lead Frontend Web-developer

Yahor Vaziyanau

Yahor Vaziyanau Frontend Web-developer

Aliaksandr Pitkin

Aliaksandr Pitkin Senior Software Engineer

Anton Zubar

Anton Zubar QA Engineer

Ulrich Etter

Ulrich Etter Lead Backend Engineer

Paul Lagree

Paul Lagree Senior Data Scientist

Yu-Chen Tsai

Yu-Chen Tsai Data Engineer

Batiste Bieler

Batiste Bieler Senior Software Engineer

Mihail Russu

Mihail Russu Senior Software Engineer

Massil Achab

Massil Achab Data Scientist

Georges Mahl

Georges Mahl Senior Data Engineer

Maxime Nannan

Maxime Nannan Data Engineer Intern

Camille L'Huillier

Camille L'Huillier Data Engineer Intern

Nima Mehrafshan

Nima Mehrafshan Managing Director and Head of Data Analytics

Marco Preuss

Marco Preuss Senior Software Engineer

Maciej Piorkowski

Maciej Piorkowski Data Engineer

Stefan Beyeler

Stefan Beyeler Data Scientist

Manuel Ramirez Lopez

Manuel Ramirez Lopez DevOps Engineer

Javier Gonzalez Sanchez

Javier Gonzalez Sanchez UX Designer

Manuel Ganter

Manuel Ganter Intern Corporate Communication

Our story began end of 2015 when we set out to pursue our passion for turning huge data sets into accessible and lucid insights to help you successfully navigate the real estate market. Combined, we draw from deep experience in data, machine learning, real estate and in turning startups into sturdy companies. We are headquartered in Zurich, the fast growing tech hub with the real mountain view, and have an office in Paris’ bustling and futurist Station F, surrounded by hundreds of startups. Our ambition is international and we are privileged to be supported by world-class investors. We like a good challenge, little bureaucracy and the eventual BBQ in our backyard. Join us!

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