Mr Grimm, you are reluctant to call yourself a broker. Why is that?

I avoid the term broker because I want to reinterpret the profession. For example: a broker talks a lot about the price – for the customer, however, it is the value which is important. And that is an essential difference. A property sale is an emotional matter. It is about inspiring the customer. It just doesn’t work if you show unattractive images and hard-to-understand information. I do things differently because each customer is different. I start by taking account of the respective specific requirements and respond to them individually.

You are a newcomer and have been present on the market since May 2018. What attracted you to real estate marketing?

Sales have always been my passion and have shaped my entire professional career so far. In my previous position, I was the sales director of a sports brand for the Swiss market and worked closely with the retail business. In addition, I had built two private houses and immersed myself wholly in this subject. During the process, I decided I wanted to be active in real estate sales because this is where emotion, passion and business efficiency come together. I finally went ahead with it in 2018.

Where will the brokerage industry be in five years' time?

The industry is currently still in the Stone Age! Old structures still dominate, often at the expense of the customer. Correspondingly though, there is great potential, especially in the areas of processes and marketing. Digitisation plays a crucial role here.

A lot of information has to be processed during a property sale. It is often presented in a cluttered and complicated way which unsettles the potential buyer. Transparency is needed and digital tools can provide the necessary relief both for the data acquisition and its evaluation as well as the communication. This allows us to provide the customer with a new level of transparency, which ultimately helps everyone who is involved. The industry should therefore certainly become more transparent and digital in five years' time.

What influence does digitalisation have on your 'craft'?

Digitalisation influences our industry on different levels and opens up new opportunities for us in various areas. Processes can be automated and designed much more efficiently. Additionally, a wide variety is now emerging in new marketing tools. The challenge in our industry is that the search for property today is done online. However, the purchase always takes place after at least one physical visit. So everything has to be right – both digital marketing tools and any analogue ones. In addition to virtual tools such as virtual reality or 3D navigators, it is also important not to lose sight of analogue tools such as brochures and innovative concepts such as home staging. That is why I use a broad mix of marketing tools which coordinate with each other and complement each other in an optimal way. Another important aspect is the enormous amount of data that can be captured, stored and evaluated today. Big data offers completely new possibilities in the area of analysis, evaluation and forecasting such as the valuation by PriceHubble.

Do all customers accept the digital sales tools equally well?

I had advised an elderly gentleman who did not want to take off his ‘virtual reality glasses’ - and I also had a young customer who was more enthusiastic about our magazine. Every customer is different. My goal is to respond to what the customer sees as being important.

Since you started your business, you use the Cyborg - a digital solution from PriceHubble - to appraise real estate and to present property information. What has your experience been like so far?

I have compared the results of PriceHubble many times with conventional valuations in terms of the value and the valuation process. In my experience, the traditional approach is characterised by a lack of transparency, unnecessary complexity, large differences in value and partly unclear explanations. Once I have gathered together the essential key data, PriceHubble offers me a precise and reliable value within a matter of seconds. Even my customers find the information easy to understand thanks to the visually attractive presentation.

Can this property info be used elsewhere?

Because PriceHubble presents the location and the property details in a very attractive way, I can apply these in the same visual language directly onto my printed documentation. I can benefit from an efficient process, while the prospective customer enjoys the transparency and intelligibility. I always say: “If the customer still has questions about the property despite my documents, I must have done something wrong.” But this almost never happens. We also get a lot of positive feedback from banks. Because of the complete documentation, financing can be clarified very quickly.

In your opinion, what makes a good partner or supplier?

A common innovative minimum. I would only like to work with people and companies who want to shake things up and make a difference.

If you could wish for a feature from PriceHubble, what would that be?

I am also involved in urban regeneration with housing developments. For such projects, it would help me if the wording used for investors could be given in language that is just as easy to understand as PriceHubble already uses for my communication with private customers.

About Grimm Immobilien & Management:

Oliver Grimm founded his startup in real estate marketing and sales in 2018. As a newcomer, he is breaking new ground and looking for innovative marketing measures. He combines digital and analogue measures, and coordinates these in an optimal way with the aim of creating a unique experience both virtually and in reality - and always with a focus on the individual needs of his customers and prospective buyers. He sees collaboration with innovative partners as a source of great potential and inspiration.

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