Neho's mission is to offer every property owner a fair and transparent solution when selling a home. To make this possible, Neho relies on a fee model that is exceptional in the brokerage industry - a flat rate of CHF 7,500, regardless of the location or size of the property. Clients can therefore save a significant amount of money compared to the three percent brokerage fee that is standard in the market.

The PriceHubble brokerage package: Lead Fisher and Cyborg Consultant help gain project insights and win over new clients

Since a large part of a broker's core activity is based on personal customer care, Neho focuses its resources precisely on this. Activities such as acquiring mandates, providing downstream customer service, drawing up property estimates and searching for possible reference properties, are supported by digitisation and automation at all times. This support is an integral part of communication with the customer, enabled by two digital solutions from PriceHubble: Lead Fisher, which is used to generate more leads, and Cyborg Consultant, a web application that estimates the value of a property and attractively presents insights about the property and its location.

When it comes to client acquisition, Neho has integrated PriceHubble's Lead Fisher software into its website with the aim of converting website visitors into leads. When a website visitor requests an online estimate for a property, the contact information will be forwarded automatically to the client advisor, who is provided with initial information about the property and establishes a file including further location and market analyses. The advantage for Neho is that this process saves a considerable amount of time and effort. Thanks to the automated process and comprehensive data that are provided, a Neho broker can concentrate fully on the personal exchange with the customer. "This allows us to focus our resources and ultimately offer our clients a competitive fee. This would be impossible without PriceHubble's solutions," explained Neho’s Heiko Packeiser.

PriceHubble’s property estimates

A report created by PriceHubble’s Cyborg Consultant solution, kept constantly up-to-date, remains available until the transaction has been completed. "With our up-to-the-minute data, we can provide live property and location information, such as the value of a property, market dynamics or even new construction projects," explained Markus Stadler, the CEO of PriceHubble. Unlike traditional property estimate methods, which are often based on construction costs and average values, PriceHubble integrates artificial intelligence algorithms, allowing for an objective and market-driven estimate and taking into account environmental factors such as noise level, accessibility or the quality of the view. Heiko Packeiser is convinced that the advantages of this methodology will pay off for Neho: "The estimate process must be efficient. PriceHubble‘s solution provides us with a user-friendly, precise analysis, and we are very pleased with this technology." Cyborg Consultant calculates reliable values and creates reports at the press of a button, providing a strong basis for dialogue with customers, particularly if the property value suggested by Neho differs from the amount a customer has in mind. "The report helps the customer understand the property value and ultimately contributes to the creation of a long-lasting client relationship. This is an enormous added value, today as well as in the future," emphasised Heiko Packeiser.

About Neho

Neho, which was founded almost 13 months ago in Lausanne, enables property owners to sell properties with a fixed flat fee of CHF 7,500. In contrast to the traditional percentage commission, which often leads to tens of thousands of francs in fees, Neho's fixed rate is independent of the size or location of the property.

This fee is made possible by the effective use of digitisation and automation. However, the "human factor" is not digitised away, but explicitly placed at the centre of the offer! In this way, the possibilities of digitisation are used to give employees more time to maintain contacts and provide services in which people will still be irreplaceable!

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