On Friday, 24th of May, Chairman and Founder of PriceHubble, Dr. Stefan Heitmann, entered the stage for the final pitch during the Swiss Economic Forum, which was broadcasted live across Switzerland on SRF. The presentation was held in front of 1,350 Swiss business leaders including special guests like Boris Johnson or Burton CEO Donna Carpenter. For PriceHubble, this was a great opportunity to show business leaders across the world, how PriceHubble is creating value to customers and how technologies like machine learning and digital products can be used to create more transparency in the real estate markets around the world.

If you are interested in more details on why it makes sense for a proptech startup to go international, please watch the interview by CNN Money with our Chairman and Founder Dr. Stefan Heitmann which was broadcasted in advance of the Swiss Economic Forum.

The Swiss Economic Award rewards outstanding entrepreneurial achievements in the categories “Services”, “High tech / Biotech” and “Production / Trade & Industry”. With the SQS certified Swiss Economic Award, the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF) and its award partners PwC, Swisscom and UBS seek to promote entrepreneurship and encourage new business talent in Switzerland.